How ADT Home Security Helps You Avoid False Alarms

In the past, some home owners were reluctant to install a home security system. With older technology, an alarm might sound every time your dog needed to go outside or when a stray cat would come to your porch to look for food. ADT uses advanced technology that makes these worries a thing of the past.

Pet Sensing Alarm Technology

ADT uses a pet sensing technology called pet immunity. With it, animals that are under 40 pounds won't trigger the alarm. If you have a larger pet, you can have your installer upgrade your system for pet immunity up to 80 pounds.

It's not just weight that ADT uses to distinguish pets from intruders. The advanced monitoring system also analyzes the body's heat distribution to determine whether it is sensing a human or an animal.

Reducing False Alarms

ADT works with you to reduce false alarms. The number one cause of false alarms is human error, so make sure that everyone who will be using the security system is familiar with its operation.

Another thing that can cause false alarms is low voltage of the system's battery. Check the battery on a regular interval to make sure that you won't have this problem

Accidental Alarms

Even with taking precautions, accidental alarms might happen. Discover the procedure for canceling accidental alarms before you'll need it. In the case of an alarm, ADT will contact you for verification. Keep your call list updated with your home, cell, and business phone number. Make sure that everyone who uses the system and is on the call list memorizes the Personal Identification Code (PIC) for the verification calls.

Other Considerations For ADT Security Systems

Be sure to check your system regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Call ADT before you test your system. If you do remodeling of your home, let ADT know. Window replacements, vent repairing, and even heavy painting can affect the configuration of your system. 1